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Today's dairy and cattle operations require nutrient rich feed to increase milk production, assist in reproduction, and increase weight gain. Tubeline BaleWrapper's provide a fast and efficient way to get hay off the field and put up high quality silage. Allowing you to deliver the nutrient rich, palatable, easily digestible hay that your dairy or cattle herds crave.

T L 1000 Individual Balewrapper Product T L 1000 Individual Balewrapper Product T L 1700 S R Individual Balewrapper Product T L 3 60 Individual Balewrapper Product

Tubeline's individual wrappers are valuable additions to any equipment shed. Easy to maintain and even easier to use, Tubeline's individual balewrappers use tractor hydraulics to spin and rotate the bale ensuring its completely wrapped every time. With the TL1000R and TL1100R being able to wrap round bales, and the TL1700SR being able to wrap both round and square bales, there's a Tubeline individual balewrapper suited for your operation. They all also feature a wrap counter to ensure you get the right amount of wraps on each bale.

T L 50 Balewrapper Product T L 60 Balewrapper Product T L 70 Balewrapper Product
T L R 5000 Balewrapper Product

The race begins between you and bad weather as soon as the hay is cut, trying to get your crop off the field and covered up before it loses its nutrients. Balewrapper is helping more farmers realize the major benefits of feeding high quality hay to their cattle year-round. Our AX2 series of inline BaleWrappers provide a variety of options for hay producers looking to produce high quality silage. The AX2 series wrappers are available for both round and square bales. The NEW series of ECV inline BaleWrappers build upon the proven success of our AX2 series. It's digital control and easy to use presets and bale counter makes it the ideal wrapper for custom operators.

Standard Features LSV ECV
Main Control Panel Wired for Field Installed Options Standard Standard
Control Panel Wired for Optional Plastic Sensor Shutdown Standard Standard
Safety Shut Off Switch on Guards Standard Standard
Large Easy to Read Display (even in direct sunlight) NA Standard
3-User Configurable Presets NA Standard
Bale Counter - Resettable NA Standard
Bale Counter - Permanent NA Standard
Self Diagnostic Controls NA Standard
Fully Automatic Cycling Standard Standard
Adjustable Stroke Length on Charge Table Standard Standard
Lock Pin on Hoop to Reload Plastic Standard Standard
2 - 30" Pretensioners Standard Standard
Soft Start NA Standard
Precision Wrapping NA Standard
Patented Cross Tube Unloading (to push off last bale) Standard Standard
Electric Over Hydraulic Controls Standard Standard
Hydraulic Manifold Reduces Hoses and Wiring Connections Standard Standard
Temperature Gauge on Hydraulic Tank Standard Standard
Low Oil Alert on Engine Standard Standard
Spark Arrester on Engine Standard Standard
25L / 6.6 USG Fuel Tank with Fuel Pump Standard Standard
Automatically Idles Down When Cycle Completed Standard Standard

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