Bale BOSS 2 Header Image

The Bale BOSS 2 is the perfect tool for all of your large square bale processing needs. From bedding to feeding, the Boss 2 can manage it all.

Self Loading Feature Image

Self Loading

The self loading design allows you to carry two bales. One on the table and one on the forks.

Top Paddle Roller Feature Image

Top Paddle Roller (Hydraulic)

The adjustable paddle roller feeds the top portion of the bale into the flail. Height and speed adjustments allow for different sized bales. Not available on HD model.

Flail Rotator Feature Image

Flail Rotator

Belt driven from the tractors PTO, the flail rotor easily chops through a variety of bales.

Other Standard Features

  • Adjustable Hydraulics
  • Travel Lock
  • Distribution Chute
  • Belt Drive with Tensioner
Specifications Bale BOSS 2 Bale BOSS 2 HD
HP Required 80-180 120-250
Belt Width 2" 4"
Tire 12.5L x 15 12.5L x 15
Weight 4,170 lbs. 5,150 lbs.
Width 80" 80"
Height 96" 96"
Length 140" 140"
PTO 540 or 1,000 RPM 540 or 1,000 RPM
Drive Belt 37 mm 87 mm
Bale Capacity 2 2
Bale Sizes 36" x 36" x 108"
48" x 36" x 108"
48" x 48" x 108"
36" x 36" x 108"
48" x 36" x 108"
48" x 48" x 108"
Number of Flails 20 20
Top Paddle Roller Yes No
Deflector Manual/Hydraulic opt. Hydraulic
Narrow Track Width Feature Image

Narrow Track Width

The optional narrow track width is ideal for use in berry or produce fields.

Tractor Lug Tires Feature Image

Tractor Lug Tires

Optional for both the BOSS 2 and BOSS 2 HD, are the 29/12.5 x 15 tractor lug tires. Factory upgrade.

Adjustable Cutting Knives Feature Image

Adjustable Cutting Knives

Adjustable cutting knives help to further chop up bedding material for a finer and more consistent spread.

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