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The BaleLiner from Tubeline transforms round bale handling and wrapping into a one man operation. This all in one solution combines Tubeline’s proven balewrapping performance with a rugged self-loading 8 bale transporter. Equipped with a self loading arm, the bale wagon gently and easily spins the bales as it places each bale onto the wagon for wrapping. When the job’s done, pack up quickly and easily with the standard piggy back feature. The wrapper conveniently slides onto the bale wagon allowing for easy transport to and from the field with no additional equipment needed.

Fully Automatic Patented One System Feature Image

Fully Automatic/Patented ONE system

The BaleLiner combines Tubeline's bale transport system with the inline wrapper allowing you to transport and wrap your bales all in one machine.

Self Loading Bale Trailer Feature Image

Self Loading Bale Trailer

The pickup arm on the Baleliner gently spins the bale into position.

Night Working Lights Feature Image

Night Working Lights

Keep working until the job is done, even after the sun is gone.

Other Standard Features

  • All-in-One Operation – transporting & wrapping
  • Carries 6 (5 ft. Bales) and 8 (4 ft. Bales)
  • Semi mount hitch to the tractor
  • Transporter of the wrapper to site and storage
  • Capability of self loading/retrieving bales off season
  • Pivoting Walking Beam Axle
  • 16.5 x 16.1 tires
  • Road lights c/w reflectors
PTO Power Pack (540 R P M) with Reservoir Feature Image

PTO Power Pack (540 RPM) with Reservoir

Working at 540 RPM, the PTO Power Pack, along with the reservoir, gives the Baleliner more power to carry and wrap bales.

P T O Power Pack (540 R P M) with Reservoir and Oil Cooler Feature Image

PTO Power Pack (540 RPM) with Reservoir and Oil Cooler

Giving you the benefits of the PTO Power Pack with reservoir, the additional oil cooler prolongs the length of time of operation letting you get the job done with fewer breaks.

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