Bale BOSS 4 Header Image

Providing increased capacity, the Bale BOSS 4 can carry up to four 4x4x9 bales making it ideal for large feed lots or large operations where bales may need to be hauled daily.

Self Loading Feature Image

Self Loading (Unloading)

The self loading design of the BOSS 4 allows you to easily spear a stack of bales and lower them in place.

Bale Spears Feature Image

Bale Spears

Four Bale Spears drop from the rear of the bed when raised allowing you to spear the bottom bale and lift the stack when the bed is lowered.

Flail Rotator Feature Image

Flail Rotor

Belt driven from the tractors PTO the flail rotor easily chops through a variety of bales.

Other Standard Features

  • Dual Apron Chains
  • Belt Drive with Tensioner
  • Distribution Chute
  • Adjustable Hitch
  • Adjustable Tongue Height
Specifications Bale BOSS 4
Overall Length 28'
Overall Width 12.5'
Bale Bed Length 17'
Bale Bed Width 8'
Shipping Weight 11,000 lbs.
Bale Bed Picks Up 4 - 4' x 4' bales
Shredder Deck Accepts
(removed for shipping)
3' x 3' x 9'
4' x 3' x 9'
4' x 4' x 9'
Tires Tandem Lug Tires 12.4x24x8
Adjustable Tongue Height Yes
HP Rating 120-250 HP

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