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The BF8000 SL is designed to feed out round bales up to 6’ in diameter and weighing up to 2,500 lbs. The BF8000SL is equipped with a hydraulic loading arm and two prong bale spear, to lift and place the bale on the table. The loading arm can also be used to carry a second bale to the field. Once placed on the table, an apron chain rotates the bale as the drum’s fingers unravel the hay. As the core of the bale is approached, the table can be tilted increasing contact between the bale and the drum ensuring the entire bale is fed out.

Self Loading Feature Image

Self Loading

The BF8000SL has a hydraulic self loading design removing any need for additional equipment to load bales onto the BaleFeeder table.

Bale Spear Position Indicator Feature Image

Loading Arm Position Indicator

The mechanical loading arm position indicator lets you know when the bale spears are in the ideal position for loading different sizes of bales, or when the loading arm is in position for transporting.

Retractable Fingers Feature Image

Retractable Fingers

The BaleFeeder’s drum uses retractable fingers to grab and fluff the bale on the table side, while retracting back into the drum on the unloading side preventing material from being pulled back under the drum back onto the table.

Other Standard Features

  • Apron Chain Conveyor
  • Table Angles up to 22.5°
Specifications BF8000 SL
Unit Type Trailed, Self Loading
Height 66"
Width 119"
Length 221"
Weight 3,700 lbs.
For use with Hay, Straw, Baleage, Silage
Bale Size 4-5' Wide up to 6' Round
Bale Weight 2,500 lbs. maximum
Storage Box Option Image

Storage Box

A storage box can be added to the tongue of the BF8000 SL. It's the ideal place to discard both net and bale wrap when in the field.

Implement Tires Option Image

Implement Tires

400/60-15.5 implement tires.

Tractor Lug Tires Option Image

Tractor Lug Tires

31x15.50-15 tractor lug tires.

  • Dispatching Bale From Table Video

    Dispatching Bale From Table

  • Proper Loading Arm Height & Adjusting Bale Position Video

    Loading Bales

  • Tightening Bed Chain Video

    Tightening Bed Chain

  • Replacing Fingers Video

    Replacing Fingers

  • Mechanical Diverter Valve Pad Video

    Mechanical Diverter Valve Pad

  • Best Practices Video

    Best Practices

  • Removing Netting Video

    Removing Netting

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