Bale BOSS 1 Header Image

The BOSS 1 is a large square bale processor that mounts on your skidsteer, tractor loader, or telehandler combining adaptability with accessibility. The BOSS 1 allows you to bed in tight spots that are nearly impossible to get to with a trail behind processor.

Scoop and Go Feature Image

Scoop N' Go

The Scoop N' Go design of the Boss 1 allows operators to quickly load and process bales making quick work of most jobs.

Restrictor Bars Feature Image

Restrictor Bars

Adjustable restrictor bars keep loose bales from flaking into the shredding chamber ensuring consistent performance.

Adjustable Deflector Feature Image

Adjustable Deflector

The variable position deflector allows you to go from bedding, to feeding, to windrowing.

Other Standard Features

  • Loader Mount
  • Flail Rotor
  • Paddle Rollers
  • Knives
  • Pusher
  • Hydraulic Power
  • Drop Floor
Specifications BOSS 3720HF BOSS 3820HF BOSS 4920
Bale Capacity 1 1 1
Bale Sizes 36" x 36" x 84" 36" x 36" x 96" 48" x 48" x 96"
Bale Material Straw/Hay Straw/Hay Straw/Hay
Min Hyd. Flow 18-40 GPM / 2500 P.S.I. 18-40 GPM / 2500 P.S.I. 20-40 GPM / 3000 P.S.I.
High Flow Motor Yes Yes Yes
Case Drain Required* Yes Yes Yes
Weight 1,590 lbs. 1,640 lbs. 3,300 lbs.
Mount Universal Skidsteer Mount / Quick Attach (opt.) Quick Attach
Dimensions (LWH)
 (w/ opt. Top Beater Kit)
110" x 52" x 53"
(110" x 52" x 63")
122" x 52" x 53"
(122" x 52" x 63")
74.75" x 146.5" x 68"

*All high flow hydraulic motors require a case drain be installed to maintain warranty coverage.

Top Beater Kit Feature Image

Top Beater Kit

The top beater kit assists in the processing of 3 x 4 bales by helping to push the top of the bale down towards the shredding chamber.

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