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The NITRO spreader from Tubeline originally started with the 450, 600, and 750 models followed by the 950, 950 Tri-Axle, and 1050 models shortly after the initial product launch. Developed with features to ensure commercial readiness these spreaders offer slip slide poly board floors and walls, a guillotine endgate, reversible apron chain, and quick drop beaters. Engineered for commercial use, our commercial line are all scale ready. The guillotine endgate can be held in any position controlling how much material is able to be moved to the beaters by the variable speed apron chain. This method of delivery provides consistent metering whether working with pen pack or semi-solids.

Apron Chain Warranty Feature Image

Apron Chain Limited Lifetime Warranty

Under the Apron Chain Limited Lifetime Warranty, Tubeline will replace a broken apron chain or connecting link on any Nitro model manure spreader. Restrictions may apply. For more information, please contact the Tubeline office.

C V Shaft Feature Image

CV Shaft

All Nitro models come equipped with a CV (Constant Velocity) Shaft allowing for a tighter turning radius, greatly reducing the incidence of driveline chatter in a tight turn, and increasing the longevity of the driveline.

Guillotine Endgate Feature Image

Guillotine Endgate

The guillotine endgate can be opened partially to meter the amount of material being delivered to the beater assembly. This ensures the optimal delivery of lime and various manure consistencies to the field.

Other Standard Features

  • Hydraulic-Driven Apron Chain
  • Standard Rubber Seal Kit (Endgate & Front Panel)
  • Apron Chain
  • Galvanized Slats
  • Quick Drop Beaters
  • Replaceable Reversible Knives
  • Robust and Dynamically Balanced
  • Driveline Protection
  • Slip Slide Poly Boards
  • Industrial Jack
  • Central Grease Banks
  • CV Shaft
  • Rubber Cushion Tongue
  • High Load Bearings
Specifications Nitro 1050
Carrying Capacity 30 Ton
Heaped (cu. ft.)
(with Optional Silage Extension)
Struck Level (cu. ft.)
(with Optional Silage Extension)
Inside Dimensions
(Inside width between flare 102.5")
67"W x 58"D x 324"L
Overall Length 39.25'
Overall Outside Width (Tri Axle) 155"
Loading Height (Tri-Axle)
(with Optional Silage Extension)
Wheel Hub Capacity 16,000 lbs. (10 bolt) x6
Tire Sizes 700/50-26.5 Floatation or 710/50-26.5 Radial Tires
Beater Diameter 36"
Beater Speed 420 RPM
PTO Speed 1000RPM
Apron Chain Link Dia. 3/4"
Shipping Weight 25,755 lbs./11,682 kg
Required Tractor PTO HP 200.
Brakes Available Yes

Capacities determined by ASAE Sth S324.2

CargoXBib Tire Feature Image

CargoXBib High Floatation Tires (710/50 R26.5 Radial)

The optional Michelin CargoXBib High Floatation Tires (710/50 R26.5 Radial) have unique treads that allow for 3x more self cleaning ability when driving through your fields. These tires will not only reduce compaction on your field, but allow you to carry more material to the field at higher speeds due to the steel belted radial design. This tire is also the first low pressure tire compatible with central tire inflation systems.

Paddle Kit Feature Image

Paddle Kit

The optional bolt on paddle kit cups material to provide better throw.

Spinner Deck Feature Image

Spinner Deck

For better management and spreading performance of poultry litter, Nitro spreaders can be equipped with an optional spinner deck. The interchangeable quick-drop beater system allows operators to conveniently switch between the vertical or spinner deck beater assemblies offering flexibility to both producers and custom operators.

L E D Lights Feature Image

LED Lights

LED lights and flashers ensure transit safety. Innovative light covers mechanically open and close in sequence with the end gate, ensuring lights are protected while spreading.

Optional Colours Feature Image

Optional Colours

In addition to the standard yellow, the Nitro lineup is available in red, green, blue and orange.

Silage Extensions Feature Image

Silage Extensions

Select NitroRS and Nitro models can easily double as a silage hauler, with the addition of optional height-extenders.
Silage extensions are not recommended for manure.

Rubber Seal Kit Feature Image

Enhanced Rubber Seal Kit

The Enhanced Rubber Seal Kit adds a U-shape compression seal to the front panel and the endgate to help contain semi solid materials.

Oscillating Ball Hitch Feature Image

Oscillating Ball Hitch

Optional on all models is the oscillating ball hitch available in various pin sizes.

Brakes Feature Image


When equipped with a brake system, all Nitro spreaders come with two calipers per side for a total of four. Hydraulically operated, these calipers provide the necessary clamping force to keep even our monstrous Nitro 950 in line.
Single axle shown. Braking configurations may vary with model. Check model specifications for brake availability.

Arthene ISO Bus Variable Rate Control System Feature Image

Athene ISO Bus Variable Rate Control System

ISOBUS UT displays spreader controls and variable rate (if available on terminal).

Athene/SL2 controls spreader and scale system.

Digi-Star Scale System Feature Image

Digi-Star® Scale System

The optional Digi-Star® 5pt 60,000 lb. differential weigh beam system is available on all Nitro models. Four of the load cells are located under the box and the fifth cell is placed on the hitch.

Accounting for environmental protection, the Digi-Star® scale system lets you know how many tons you've hauled and spread on your fields, perfect for both farmers and custom operators.

Gate Indicator Feature Image

Gate Indicator

With the gate indicator, you can quickly and easily see how open the endgate is from the seat of your tractor.

Errors and omissions excepted. Specifications and images on this page are subject to change without notice. For current information on all of our products, please contact Tubeline Manufacturing.