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New BF8000 Series



Tubeline's bale processors and bale feeders are built to handle even the toughest bales, providing bedding or feeding to your livestock anywhere you want. Available in a range of capacities, there's a processor or feeder for your operation.

Bale BOSS 1 Product Bale BOSS 2 Product Bale BOSS 4 Product Bale BOSS R Product

The Bale Boss is a square bale processor that combines adaptability with accessibility. The Bale Boss1 for your Skid Steer carries one bale and is ideal for feeding and bedding in tight spots. The Bale Boss 2 is capable of carrying two bales making it ideal for windrowing and processing in fields. Have a big job then get the Bale Boss 4, it's tilting deck and four bale capacity makes large square processing look easy.

B F 8000 Bale Feeder Product Bale Feeder Product

Round bales have significantly reduced the amount of work it takes to handle hay. However, feeding has still been a labour intensive job — until now. the Tubeline Bale Feeder takes the hassle out of feeding large round bales. Using the Bale Feeder can reduce spoilage caused by bales sitting outside in bulky inefficient stationary units.

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