Self Loading Balefeeder Header Image

Equipped with a 2 prong spear at the rear of the unit, the SL model can easily pick up bales and put them on the units platform. The elliptical motion of the loading arm easily pulls the spears out of the bale without damaging it. With one bale on the platform, a second bale can then be loaded on the spears doubling your capacity when feeding in large lots.

The hydraulic bale platform on the 5000 Chainless BaleFeeders presses the bale into two rows of specifically designed rotors which unravel the bale as it spins, keeping the bales from tumbling or turning. The top rotor turn 3 times faster, fluffing the hay as it unravels.

Dual Prong Hydraulic Bale Lift Feature Image

Dual Prong Hydraulic Bale Lift

This patented system makes loading fast, easy, and ensures the bale is always in constant control.

Bale Lift Position Gauge Feature Image

Bale Lift Position Gauge

Indicates lift height for spearing different sized bales in the centre.

Hydraulic Bale Platform Feature Image

Hydraulic Bale Platform

The platform keeps the bale tight against the rotors without the use of apron chains. 5000 Series

Other Standard Features

  • Varying Speed Rotors
  • Apron Chain
Specifications BF5000 SL
Unit Type Self Loading
Processing Type Chainless
Capacity 4,000 lbs.
Size (W/L) 100”/200”
HP Required 40 HP
Min. Pressure 2,000 PSI
Weight 2,000 lbs.
For use with Hay, Straw, Baleage,Silage
Bale Bumper Feature Image

Bale Bumper

The optional bale bumper helps to ensure the bale stays put on the table when in operation. 5000 Series

Square Bale Extension Feature Image

Square Bale Extension

The square bale extension gives your BaleFeeder the ability to feed square bales in addition to round bales. Quick and easy to attach, this extension is also adjustable allowing for feeding of a range of lengths of square bales.

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