The race begins between you and bad weather as soon as the hay is cut, trying to get your crop off the field and covered up before it loses its nutrients. Balewrapper is helping more farmers realize the major benefits of feeding high quality hay to their cattle year-round.
Our AX2 series of inline BaleWrappers provide a variety of options for hay producers looking to produce high quality silage. The AX2 series wrappers are available for both round and square bales.
The NEW series of ECV inline BaleWrappers build upon the proven success of our AX2 series. It’s digital control and easy to use presets and bale counter makes it the ideal wrapper for custom operators.

Standard Features AX2 ECV
Main Control Panel Wired for Field Installed Options S S
Control Panel Wired for Optional Plastic Sensor Shutdown S S
Safety Shut Off Switch on Guards S S
Large Easy to Read Display (even in direct sunlight) - S
3-User Configurable Presets - S
Bale Counter - Resettable - S
Bale Counter - Permanent - S
Remote Engine Start
(with remote steering and shutdown kit option)
- S
Self Diagnostic Controls - S
Fully Automatic Cycling S S
Adjustable Stroke Length on Charge Table S S
Lock Pin on Hoop to Reload Plastic S S
2 - 30" Pretensioners S S
Soft Start - S
Precision Wrapping - S
Patented Cross Tube Unloading (to push off last bale) S S
Electric Over Hydraulic Controls S S
Hydraulic Manifold -
Reduces Hoses and Wiring Connections
Temperature Gauge on Hydraulic Tank S S
Low Oil Alert on Engine S S
Spark Arrester on Engine S S
20L Fuel Tank with Fuel Pump S S
Automatically Idles Down to When Cycle Completed S S
Hydraulic Steering S S
Single Joystick Control to Drive/Steer Machine
(with power drive option)
- S
Road Light c/w Reflector S S
Adjustable Tongue S S
Precision wrapping - Provides a consistent number of wraps per bale
Soft Start - Engages the hoop slowly to prevent machine wear and wrap tears


Push the final capped bale through with the fold out ram.
Insert the cross bar into the patented slide out push off arms.
Continue the push off easing the bale down the beaver tail.
Step 1:
When optionally equipped Tubeline's new side mount final bale push off makes finishing a row quick and easy.
Step 2:
The spring assisted push off bar can be easily pushed down across the rear of the machine.
Step 3:
Running a final cycle of the wrapper quickly and easily pushes the bale down the tail.

Tubeline’s Twin Wrap Kit holds two rolls of film and passes them through a single stretcher. This activates the wraps’ bonding compound to form a strong 2-Ply layer of film that stands up to tough hay stalks and folds them over helping to prevent piercing of the wrap.
By combining two sets of two rolls for a total of four, Tubeline’s twin wrap kit provides all the same protection as four separate stretchers with the additional benefit of producing a more durable bonded 2-Ply film that stands up better than four single ply layers.


The engine is placed below the main controls for easy access and control


Allows you to change the cycle times to fit your bales.


A high capactiy fuel tank means less stops for fill ups.


Reduced friction allows push ram to move with less wear on the frame.


Deck to ground contact provides the friction needed for a tight pack between bales.


  • Tow into Position
  • Fold Away Tongue
  • Place & Wrap End-Capped Bale
  • Lower Deck and Wrap Away


No need to self propel from the end of the row due to our pull away design. Tubeline wrappers tow from the front, always keeping the tongue accessible.